See what you can do with Scorant

See what you can do with Scorant

Professors can easily create, reuse, manage courses, take visual attendance, create and grade assignments and quizzes, and much more

Students easily manage their courses, take quizzes, and submit homework assignments, and easily find out their progress in each course

Parents can track the progress of their children and receive alerts when needed

Most importantly, students will easily know how they are progressing with each course and with overall academic career, what courses to take with which professors. They will also know exactly when to apply for internships and job opening. Scorant will asset them in applying through Career Adviser

What is Scorant

What is Scorant

Despite major advancements in information technology, college students and their stakeholders are making costly and life changing decisions using outdated methods. These methods are based largely on what amounts to a guessing game: which major they should specialize in, what combination of courses they should take, with which professors, what their projected graduation dates are, and what the true cost of their education is.

Scorant uses very sophisticated analytics combined with an easy to use application and mobile client to offer professors and students feature rich capabilities, ranging from course creation, syllabi management, attendance tracking, test and homework development, dynamic C.V. construction, and much more. Scorant’s offerings work independently, or in conjunction with virtually all LMS and related systems. Scorant works quietly in the background to gather data which is used to create profiles of its users using state of the art analytics solutions. These profiles are used to present the students and their stakeholders with accurate assessments of the state of their academic career and form the basis for important internship and subsequent career decisions.

Why are teachers raving about Scorant

Why Do Professors Use Scorant

Professors will be able to focus upon teaching their students instead of worrying about the minutiae and administrative tasks associated with the education process. Students will be able to focus on their academic success instead of what classes to sign up for and which requisites must be met. Parents will be able to track their child’s performance, and easily access projected costs of their child’s education. Even school administrators will work much more efficiently, as they will have access to real time data on faculty performance.

Why do students use Scorant

Why Do Students Use Scorant

College students are seldom prepared or have the necessary skills and experience to know when, how and where to apply for internships. While there are many resources available to assist them in searching and applying for internships and jobs, these resources rarely take the individual student’s specific profile into consideration until after the student seeks help. Since Scorant develops an insightful profile of each student, and works with leading internship providers & employers, Scorant’s career advisor connects the student and the employer very early on in the student's academic career. Career advisor will help the student

  • Develop a meaningful and insightful profile that reflects the student's true personal traits
  • Connect the students with potential employers early in heir academic careers
  • Alerts students when it is time to apply for internships and assist them in applying for most matching careers
  • Provide students with appropriate industry research, compensation analysis, and correctly set expectations of employers and students vis-à-vis salaries and benefits
  • Assist students build their credentials
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